Daily Log – June 18, 2016

-2 rounds of a “Dirty Dozen” workout
-A pre-made treadmill workout – 1.5 mi/30 min.
-A 1 mi walk, outside

-204 lbs


In the “Dirty Dozen,” each round consists of 12 reps each of 12 different exercises. I had to use “modified” moves for some of the exercises, and I wish I would have tried for one more round, but at least I was moving. The treadmill workout wasn’t anything too strenuous, but once again, at least I was moving and making an effort. I’ll call that a victory for today.

It was a beautiful evening, and I didn’t quite have my 10,000 steps in for the day, so I took a 1 mile walk outside to finish that up.

Really, it just felt good to get moving and sweat a little bit. 😉



4 thoughts on “Daily Log – June 18, 2016

  1. Hi. I found you on Bill’s “Simply Living Over 50” blog.

    You used the term that always makes me want to fling my shoes at the tv —
    “Self discipline.” Ugh. It’s torture, I think, because it conjures up visions of failure, even incompetence!
    I ask myself, “Seriously, Kathy, how difficult is it to walk away from a cake, candy. C’mon, grow up, exercise some damn self discipline!”

    Writing to thank you for bringing it up, it’s been in hiding for awhile. I needed the slap across the face to wake me up!

    I’ll put it back into my vocabulary in terms of eating as well as my writing. I’ve been allowing myself to slip off the grid, in writing my blog, as well as my great 😀 American Novel. Self discipline is important in EVERY area of my life. Thanks to you for helping me “avoid my avoidance” and get back on track with the dreaded “SELF DISCIPLINE!”

    From, Kathy.

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    • Hi Kathy,
      You’re welcome – but I can’t take credit. I was actually quoting a line from Bill’s post so that I could comment about it. So glad it was helpful, though, no matter where it came from!
      Self-discipline is definitely an area I struggle with sometimes, as well – now more than ever, for some reason – so you’re not alone.
      Thanks for saying “hi.” Have a great day!


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