Daily Logs: July 4-9

I’m back!

My main goal was to not gain any weight while I was away, and I am happy to say I succeed in that. I weighed 205 the day we left, and 203.4 the morning after we got back.

My other goal was to make good food choices. I did pretty well, I guess. It could have been better, but it could have been much, much worse. Foods like pizza and burgers were available every day, but I mostly went for healthier options, like salad, chicken, tilapia, and even the vegetarian option once or twice. I will admit, I had pizza once, and I had dessert most days, as well.

We were on a tight schedule, so there wasn’t any time to workout. However, we were working, walking and moving more than I would on a normal day, so my step count at the end of each day was really good, even on days that we were traveling:

July 4 – 10,236
July 5 – 15,028
July 6 – 18,547
July 7 – 15,607
July 8 – 14,340
July 9 – 11,631

However, since I’ve been back, I’ve “fallen off the wagon.” I haven’t been working out at all, my diet has been terrible, and I’ve only been getting in about half of my steps for the day. I know it’s ridiculous, and I need to snap out of it and make myself get back on track.



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