Daily Log – August 30, 2016


-TREADMILL: Pre-programed workout, “Speed 1” – 1.62mi in 20 minutes


I purchased a new treadmill shortly before vacation (more about that later), and had a chance to use it for the first time tonight. I chose the “easiest” pre-programed workout, which lasted 20 minutes and covered 1.64 mi. with a top speed of 6.4 mph. I almost skipped over this one for the next one that was a full 30 minutes, but the speed worried me a bit. I’m glad I started with the first one – honestly, it kicked my butt (or more accurately, burned my lungs). Even though it was relatively short, it has been the most intense thing I’ve done since starting this blog. Pathetic, I know. Definitely another big reminder how out-of-shape I am, and how desperately I need to take this whole thing more seriously.


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