Daily Log – September 1, 2016

-TREADMILL: Pre-programed workout, “Speed 1” – 1.62mi in 20 minutes


First of all…how is it September already??

I did the same treadmill workout today as Tuesday, and I handled it a little better this time. Not sure if that was because it was earlier in the day, or I just knew what to expect, but I’ll count it as a baby-step of progress.

You may recall that I set some goals at the beginning of last month. Well, today is one of the days that I said I would check-in on those. My goal for September 1st was to be down to 198 pounds – that would have been a five-pound loss for the month of August. Unfortunately, when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was back up to 204 – where I was when I started this blog. That’s disappointing, but not surprising. I haven’t been giving this weight-loss and fitness thing 100% – and that can be said for many other things in my life right now, as well. I know I can do it, I just have to commit, focus and work harder. Here’s to a better month in September.


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